Chalet catering 2019

Also this winter Monts & Merveilles proposes you your dinners delivered in your holiday home in Oz, Vaujany, Villard Reculas, etc… For 125 euros per person you’ll get 5 meals in the week, a starter, main and dessert. All our meals are homemade with fresh products and a free appetizer. Children get 50% discount. You find the English menu for this winter here.

Cette hiver aussi Monts & Merveilles vous propose des repas livrés à votre résidence de vacances à Oz station, Vaujany, Villard Reculas, etc… Pour 125 euros par personne vous avez 5 diners la semaine, entrée, plat et dessert. Tous les repas sont faits maison avec des produits frais avec amuse-bouche offert. Les plats chauds sont à chauffer par vos soins. Remise pour les enfants c’est 50 %.  Voici les menus pour cette hiver

10 réponses à “Chalet catering 2019

  1. Hello, we are looking to book a Chalet in Oz for a week from 29th December and ate very interested in booking your catering services. Do you offer any servicr for breakfast also?
    If so what is the price please?
    Many thanks

  2. Hi,
    I am booking a chalet in Vaujany 30/12/18 to 6/1/19 and would very much like to know your availability to provide evening meals for 9 persons, breakfast also if possible?


  3. Can you please send me the breakfast menu and prices please, Secondly do you cater for vegetarians and gluten free. We are a family of ten with one gluten free and 2 vegetarians (who eat fish)


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